Seated People

Gutshof Miniaturen 1:87 Scale Figure Review

Seated People, 1:87 Gutshof Miniaturen G5BB33-C16.

Gutshof Miniaturen mails the 100 seated civilians in a small plastic bag. The figures made of polystyrene are delicately modelled, but still sturdy enough to be shipped undamaged in a padded envelope.


100 Figures in 29 Poses – 20 mm equal 174 cm Height

  • 54 Women in 14 Poses
    • Young woman in trousers and hoodie
    • Woman in trousers and blouse, reading
    • Woman in trousers, boots, and short jacket, arms crossed
    • Woman in knee breeches and turtleneck sweater
    • Woman in uniform jacket, trousers, boots an kepi
    • Woman in miniskirt and blouse, hands in lap
    • Woman in miniskirt, with Tracht jacket and boots
    • Woman in miniskirt and blouse, legs crossed
    • Woman in midiskirt, with short jacket and hat
    • Woman in miniskirt, jacket with lapels and hat
    • Woman in minidress with boots, sleeping
    • Woman in minidress with belt
    • Woman in dress, holding child?, waving
    • Older woman with bun, in rain coat
  • 47 Men in 15 Poses
    • Man with leather jacket and scarf
    • Young man with Norwegian sweater
    • Man in overalls, with Beanie
    • Man in frock coat, with stick and hat
    • Man in tail coat, with top hat
    • Coachman in livery, with top hat
    • Coachman in greatcoat and top hat
    • Man with uniform jacket, binoculars in hand
    • Man with short jacket, bouquet of flowers? on his lap
    • Man with open shirt and jacket, skipper‘s cap in hand
    • Man with open suit jacket, scarf and hat
    • Man with suit jacket and hat, bottle? in hand
    • Man with raincoat and mariner‘s cap
    • Man with jacket and beret
    • Corpulent man, eating, napkin tucked in collar


Good choice of subject, seated civilians are very suitable as passengers in railway carriages, dining cars, buses and automobiles, as restaurant guests, stadium and museum visitors, as well as people taking a rest in the park or in the pedestrian precinct. The 100 figures are randomly mixed. Accordingly, the most common pose was present seven times, while the rarest was unique.

Even if the conspicuously uniformed figures are subtracted, there are still two dozen different civilians suitable for filling railway passenger carriages. Painted in different colours, the relaxed and authentic poses may be used repeatedly even in the same carriage.

Good casting quality, but occasional mould lines and gates on figures‘ heads must be removed before painting. The ejector pin mark on the buttocks or lower back of some figures should be invisible once the people are placed on chairs and benches. Figures made of polystyrene (PS) can be glued with commercially available plastic adhesives.

Apart from the binoculars, some of the items carried are so small at 1:87 scale that they cannot be clearly identified. Accordingly, the woman in the dress might well be a nativity figure.

Conversions are possible, provided that arms can be successfully separated from the thighs or replaced with spare arms from other figures. In this way, a few figures may be converted into vehicle drivers, for example.

The flesh-coloured plastic may tempt painters to leave the faces and hands in this colour and paint the clothes around them. It will be more time-saving, however, to prime the figures in the base brown, neutral grey or denim blue colour of the largest item of clothing, and to paint the smaller parts with a fine brush. See our tutorial “Speedpainting Faces & Hands”.

The seated figures from Gutshof Miniaturen are ideal for bringing vehicles and venues to life on model railway layouts or in dioramas.

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