Hanoverian Légion Britannique, 4th Battalion, 1760–1763

Major de l’Ane (de Lanne, de Lawn), Commanding Officer, 4th Battalion Hanoverian Légion Britannique, Seven Years‘ War, 1760–1763, 40 mm Miniature Prince August.

Major de l’Ane (de Lanne, de Lawn), commanding officer of the 4th battalion, electoral Hanoverian Légion Britannique in the Seven Years’ War. This homecast 40 mm Prince August miniature has been undercoated chocolate brown and painted with artists‘ acrylics. The miniature then received a protective varnish of «Lascaux Transparent Varnish 1-UV gloss». Major de l’Ane and his chestnut horse are mounted on a 23 × 51 mm magnetic sheet iron wargame base compatible with Charge! wargame rules. The officer wears a british sash and cockade made of »Pattex Repair Express Putty«.

The 4th battalion of the Légion Britannique was primarily engaged in petty warfare, although they did fight in the battles of Warburg and Vellinghausen.


  • Major de l’Ane (de Lanne, de Lawn), Commanding Officer
  • Staff
  • 1. Kompanie
    • Officers (4)
    • NCOs (7)
    • Feldsher (1)
    • Musketeers (112)
  • 2. Kompanie
  • 3. Kompanie
  • 4. Kompanie
  • 3-pdr. Battalion Guns (2)
  • Dragoner-Eskadron
    • Officers (4)
    • NCOs (8)
    • Feldsher (1)
    • Trumpeter (2)
    • Dragoons (88)


  • red coat with 13 pewter buttons
  • light blue cuffs with three buttons
  • light blue turnbacks with one button
  • red shoulder strap with one button, on the left shoulder
  • black neck stock
  • chamois waistcoat with pewter buttons
  • straw-coloured breeches
  • black gaiters
  • tricorne with green cockade, black loop and pewter button, as well as small white side pompoms
  • natural leather waistbelt
  • infantry sabre with brass crossguard, black scabbard with brass throat and chape, suspended from a natural leather crossbelt
  • black cartridge pouch on a natural leather crossbelt
  • dark brown Tornister haversack and metal canteeen
  • sergeants wore silver lace on waistcoat and cuffs
  • officers wore a crimson sash, silver gorget, and silver lace on tricorne, waistcoat, and cuffs

Dragoons wore the infantry uniform, but with a white aiguillette on the right shoulder, and black boots instead of gaiters. Shabracks and pistol covers were red with white bordure, and the monogram of King Georg II, the cinch was red and white, and the valise red with white bordure.


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