Bavarian Foot Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars, 1812–1815

Bavarian Foot Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars, 1812–1815, 15 mm Heritage Miniatures.

In 1812, the 5th Bavarian Foot Artillery Battery (5. Linien-Kompanie) served in the 20th Division of the VI. (Bavarian) Corps of the Grande Armée. The battery consisted of four 6-pdr. guns and two Austrian 7-pdr. howitzers, drawn by four horses each. The Bavarian army was destroyed during the Russian Campaign of 1812, leaving behind most of its guns and wagons. Only the 2nd Foot Artillery Battery, detached to Danzig (Gdánsk) alongside the 13th Bavarian Infantry Regiment, returned to Bavaria with its complement of six artillery pieces intact.

These 15 mm Heritage miniatures and guns are mounted on 19 × 38 mm Empire III wargame stands, each representing a section of two actual guns and their crew. The rescript dated 27. September 1805 required Bavarian artillery officers to wear the Kasket helmet with red plume. Accordingly, the large white plume of the officer’s Raupenhelm pictured above would need to be repainted.

Bavarian Napoleonic Miniatures