Hildesheim during the Napoleonic Wars, 1803–1815

Michaeliskirche in Hildesheim.

The Michaeliskirche at Hildesheim, famous for its painted wood ceiling dating back to the 12th century.

The Bishopric of Hildesheim was incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia following the Reichsdeputationshauptschluß of 25 February 1803. The Bishop retired from government and received a pension of 50,000 Tlr (Talers).

In 1806, Emperor Napoleon defeated Prussia, and Hildesheim temporarily became part of France until it was taken into the Kingdom of Westfalia in 1807. In the course of German Liberation in 1813, Hildesheim was occupied by Allied troops, and incorporated into the Electorate of Hannover. In 1866, Hannover and Hildesheim became part of Prussia.

Hildesheim Today

Michaeliskirche Apse.

Michaeliskirche Apse

Michaeliskirche Side Entrance.

Michaeliskirche Side Entrance

Hildesheim Cathedral Tower.

Hildesheim Cathedral Tower

Hildesheim Cathedral Nave.

Hildesheim Cathedral Nave

Administrative Building on Cathedral Square.

Administrative Building on Cathedral Square

Gate und Wall on Cathedral Square.

Gate und Wall on Cathedral Square

Hospital on Cathedral Square.

Hospital on Cathedral Square

Hildesheim Town Hall.

Hildesheim Town Hall

The Mint at Hildesheim.

The Mint at Hildesheim

Church opposite Hildsheim Town Hall.

Church opposite Hildsheim Town Hall

Town House in Hildesheim.

Town House in Hildesheim

Town Block und Wall in Hildesheim.

Town Block und Wall in Hildesheim

Hildesheim today still has an impressive number of historic buildings and churches, most of which have been beautifully restored. The Museum of Roman History is well worth a visit.

Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars, 1805–1815