Hinchliffe 1:58 Scale Miniatures

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1:58 Miniatures American Civil War
Hinchliffe PF11 General Ulysses S. Grant
Hinchliffe OPC23 Union Colonel
Hinchliffe PF10 General Robert E. Lee
Hinchliffe PF19 General Stonewall Jackson
Hinchliffe PF18 General Jeb Stuart
Hinchliffe OPC24 Confederate Colonel
Hinchliffe ACW46 US Cavalry Officer, dismounted
Hinchliffe ACW43 US Cavalry Trooper (Kepi), dismounted
Hinchliffe ACW59 US Cavalry Trooper with Carbine, kneeling
Hinchliffe ACW60 US Cavalry Trooper with Carbine, dismounted
1:58 Miniatures American Frontier Wars
Hinchliffe W1 Cowboy, firing Revolver
Hinchliffe W2 Cowboy, drawing Revolver
Hinchliffe W3 Cowboy, firing Rifle
Hinchliffe W4 Cowboy, fanning Colt .45
Hinchliffe W5 Cowboy, firing two Revolvers
Hinchliffe W6 Outlaw wearing Dust Coat, firing Revolver
Hinchliffe W7 Gambler
Hinchliffe W8 Half-caste with Revolver and Knife
Hinchliffe W9 Mexican with Rifle and Revolver
Hinchliffe W10 Mexican, firing Rifle
Hinchliffe W11 Mexican, firing Revolver
Hinchliffe EG50 Horses (5), saddled, with Horseholder

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