Hue Shift

Hue Shift.

Hue Shift, a shift or change in hue caused by tinting or shading a paint colour. In the above example, PRIMAcryl 13.210 »Vanadium Yellow deep« shifted to green.

Shaded with black, yellow shifts to green, ochre shifts to olive, red shifts to brown, orange shifts to the blue or green part of the spectrum.

Tinted with white, the colours red, orange, and black shift towards the blue part of the spectrum.

Hue shifts may be used intentionally in the process of mixing attractive olive greens, browns, »British Equipment Grey«, or »French Artillery Green«. Undesirable hue shifts may be avoided by darkening a colour with its complementary colour, e. g. darkening a yellowish-green by adding violet-purple. Hue shifts caused by whitening a colour may be corrected by adding the adjacent colour, e. g. counteracting the bluish cast of a mixture of red and white by adding a small amount of orange.

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