French Blue

Humbrol Enamel 14

French Blue, Humbrol Enamel 14.

Humbrol Enamel 14 »French Blue« compared to Humbrol Authentic Colour MC8 »French Blue«, the royal blue colour of French uniforms, and Vallejo Model Air 71.004 »Blue RAL 5002«.

Humbrol 14 »French Blue« is much lighter and more saturated than the muted Humbrol MC8 »French Blue«, which nicely matched the attractive dark blues in Liliane und Fred Funcken‘s L’Uniforme et les Armes des Soldats du Premier Empire, Philipp Haythornwaite‘s “Napoleon‘s Line Infantry”, and Victor Huen‘s “La Grande Armée”. PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo« is a better match for Bleu de Roi than Humbrol 14 »French Blue«.