French Blue

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC8

French Blue, Humbrol Authentic Colour MC8.

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC8 »French Blue«, a perfectly desaturated and muted dark blue hue included in the Napoleonic French and Prussian paint set, compared to PRIMAcryl 13.440 »Prussian Blue« and Humbrol 14 »French Blue«, which may be a match for a modern French automobile racing livery, but certainly none of the historic French uniform colours.

Sadly, Humbrol MC8 »French Blue« is no longer available, which is why we mix our own French Blue from 4 parts Liquitex 170 »Cobalt Blue« (PB 28), 3 parts »Ivory Black«, and 0.5 parts »Titanium White«. See our tutorial “How to Mix Historic Colours: French Blue, Humbrol Authentic Colour MC8”.

Bleu de Roi