Orange Facings

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC11

Orange Facings, Humbrol Authentic Colour MC11.

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC11 »Orange Facings«, the muted orange pompom and facing colour of Napoleonic French, British and Dutch-Belgian troops, compared to the vibrant colours Plaka 15 »Orange« and PRIMAcryl 13.215 »Brilliant Orange«. The latter may be similarly muted by adding black or the complementary colour blue.

Orange Facings.

We mix our own »Orange Facings« using PRIMAcryl 13.215 »Brilliant Orange«, tinted with 13.101 »Titanium White« and shaded with 13.792 »Ivory Black«. The resulting tone is slightly more vivid than Humbrol MC11 »Orange Facings«. According to colour harmony, the dominant coat colour needs to be muted, but the secondary colour used for pompoms, facings and similarly small areas of colour may be more saturated.