French Artillery Green

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC21

French Artillery Green, Humbrol Authentic Colour MC21.

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC21 »French Artillery Green«, the olive green hue of French gun carriages and wagons of the Napoleonic Wars, mixed from ochre and lamp black at 80:1 ratio, compared to Humbrol HM7 »Khaki Drab« and our own mixture of 80 parts Lascaux 961 »Yellow Ochre« and one part Golden 1040 »Carbon Black«.

French 6-inch Gribeauval Howitzer, 1:32 Hinchliffe ME/G/4.

The Hinchliffe 1:32 scale French Gribeauval 6-inch Howitzer pictured above has been painted Humbrol MC21 »French Artillery Green«, partially assembled, but not completed.

French Artillery Green