Golden Horde Mongols

Italeri 1:72 Scale Figure Review

Golden Horde Mongols, 1:72 Italeri.

Italeri’s Mongols may be used to raise a DBA wargame army representing the Golden Horde which conquered most of Russia in the mid 13th century. The army may consist entirely of mounted elements, in which case two boxes of these miniatures are all that is needed to fill the ranks. The figures are very detailed and they look beautiful in their colourful dress. Horses and figures from Zvezda’s Mongol set may be used to add variety of poses.


17 Riders in 9 Poses – 25 mm equal 180 cm Height

  • Guidon bearer with scaled armour
  • Noble with mace and scaled armour (2)
  • Noble with lance and plate armour (2)
  • Noble with bow and plate armour (2)
  • Noble with sabre and plate armour (2)
  • Noble with javelin and plate armour (2)
  • Mongol with lance (2)
  • Mongol light horseman with lance (2)
  • Mongol light horseman firing bow (2)
  • Mongol light horseman with sabre (2)

17 Horses in 4 Poses – 22 mm equal 15.2 Hands

  • Armoured horse, standing (4)
  • Armoured horse, trotting (4)
  • Horse, galloping (4)
  • Horse, charging (5)


Armour, shields, helmets, leather caps and other items of personal equipment are historically accurate and very detailed.

Most of the figures carry a bow, either on their back or on the horse.

Some flash and mould lines need to be removed prior to painting.

The bow cases attached to the saddles are all empty, even though only four figures are actually handling a bow.

Historical Employment

Possible Conversion

  • Heads may be swapped easily, and the figures may be mixed with other Mongol troops to increase the variety of poses.

The Mongol Golden Horde will look very attractive when painted. Only two boxes of these figures are needed to raise DBA Army № 154.

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