Knights and Castles

Jean Höfler 1:30 Scale Antique Miniatures Review

Knights, 1:30 Miniatures Jean Höfler.

Crossbowman, 16th century Maltese knight in plate armour and close helm, and 13th century knight with mail hauberk and mace. These 60 mm Jean Höfler miniatures have been painted with artists acrylics.

Men-At-Arms and dismounted Knights

  • Rodelero with Dagger and Buckler, rf01
  • Rodelero with Sword and Buckler, rf02
  • Crossbowman, rf03
  • Man-At-Arms with Halberd, rf04
  • Man-At-Arms with Banner, rf05
  • Knight with Mace, rf06
  • Knight with Lance, bareheaded, rf07
  • Knight with Spear and Shield, rf08

Mounted Knights

  • Knight with Lance, rb01
  • Knight with Battle Axe and Shield, rb02
  • Knight with Halberd, rb03
  • Knight with couched Lance, rb04
  • Knight with lowered Lance, rb05
  • Knight with Sword, rb06
  • Knight with Mace and round Shield, rb07
  • Knight with Spear, rb08

Castles and Siege Equipment

  • Castle, rc01
  • Siege Tower, rc02
  • Ballista, rc03
  • Catapult, rc04
  • Arthur’s Castle, rc05
  • Arthur’s Knights, rc06

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