King’s Colours

King’s Colours.

In the British army, the Leibfahne sovereign’s colours are called King’s colours or Queen’s colours. In line regiments, the Union flag is used as the basis for the sovereign’s colours, to which a regimental badge and battle honours may be added. The earlier baroque designs of these regimental badges were occasionally updated to match the advances in the decorative and visual arts. Badges and battle honours are repeated on the regimental colours.

In the Foot Guards, the King’s or Queen’s colours are of a uniform base colour with or without a Union flag in the canton, and with crowns, cyphers, and regimental devices embroidered on them. The Foot Guards carry regimental colours and company colours in the Union flag design of the King’s colours carried by the line regiments.

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King’s colours King’s colours drapeau du roi bandiera bandera

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