Medium Tank M4E1 Sherman

Kit-bashing in 1:76 Scale

M4.E1 Sherman Medium Tank.
M4.E1 Sherman Medium Tank.

A straightfoward kit-bash, fitting the undercarriage of a Matchbox M7 Priest to the hull and turret of an Airfix M4 Sherman. The result is the early version of the Sherman with the return rollers located directly above the main suspension units. Alternatively, one could use the wheels from an Airfix Lee/Grant tank for this purpose.

Parts Required

  • Hull and Turret of the M4 Sherman, 1:76 Airfix 01303
  • Undercarriage of the M7 Priest, 1:76 Matchbox 40089
  • Vehicle Commander, US Infantry, 1:76 Matchbox 40902

Historical Employment

  • North Africa, 1942–1943
  • Italy, 1943

The model depicts a tank belonging to the 1st Arm’d Regt., 1st Arm’d Div, which saw action in Tunesia in 1943. Typical was the application of a mud wash on the vehicle’s sides, over the olive drab color, to blend into the surrounding terrain; the markings were a yellow national star and a yellow turret band denoting the tank’s company. Many vehicles of this division were lost in the fighting of February 14.

Kit-bashing requires a little detective work, figuring out which components from two or more existing vehicle kits can be used to create a rare hybrid. This modelling technique closely emulates history. Many famous vehicles were hybrid designs, sporting new turrets and superstructures on proven, readily available, or obsolete chassis. Kit-bashing is much easier than building a vehicle from scratch, often a simple turret swap can do the job.

Patrick Storto

US Army Miniatures of World War Two