Samoreuse 18th Century Cargo Vessel

18th Century Dutch Samoreuse cargo vessel.

Samoreuse typ cargo vessels were primarily built in Dutsch shipyards, and they were used for regular merchant traffic from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, on the Jisselmeer, and the Middle and Lower Rhine. The Samoreuse were 25 to 47 m long, 4 to 7 m wide, and they transported 15 to 200 tons of freight and passengers. The Samoreuse has a drop-keel on either side of the hull and a large rudder at the stern. The hut between the two masts houses the captain’s family, passengers and crew.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 25 bis 47 m
  • Width: 4 bis 7 m
  • Cargo Capacity: 150 bis 200 t
  • Crew: Captain’s Family and 7-10 Sailors

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