Liebfahne [sic] (Lieb-Fahne), literally the lovely, nice, or cute flag, is a popular misspelling of the German Leibfahne sovereign’s colours of an infantry regiment. The term "Liebfahne" is typically found in miniatures magazines, online forums, and hundreds of English language miniatures pages on the internet relating to German or Austrian infantry regiments and their regimental colours. The "Liebfahne" spelling error mave have to do with the fact that "lie" in English is pronounced similarly to the German syllable "lei".

The formation carrying the supposed "Liebfahne" is often erroneously referred to as the "Lieb-Company", "Lieb-Kompanie", "Lieb-Battalion", or "Lieb-Regiment" [sic]. At this time, research in the major internet search engines shows no incidence of "Liebfahne" being attributed to "Calvary Regiments".

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