Freight Train Baggage Wagon Pwg 14 Pr

1:87 Märklin 4699

Freight Train Baggage Wagon Pwg 14 Pr, 1:87 Märklin 4699

The Märklin 1:87 scale freight train baggage wagon Pwg 14 Pr(ussian) of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, registration number 120 440, was sold in this version from 1979 to 1992. Its improved successor with the same order number is the freight train support wagon of the Deutsche Reichsbahn with registration number 120 398. The baggage wagon pictured here has been weathered, it looks nothing like the pristine Märklin original.


The Pwg 14 Pr freight train baggage wagon has two functional sliding doors which facilitate loading and unloading during game play.

Märklin sold the Pwg 14 Pr freight train baggage car painted dark green with an aluminum-coloured roof. However, the Pwg 14 looks much more attractive and realistic with a grey canvas roof and slightly weathered superstructure, see our tutorial: Weathering the Güterzug-Gepäckwagen Pwg 14.

Historical Employment

  • Epoch IV: 1965–1990

Possible Conversions

  • Piano wire hand rails at wagon corners and on sliding doors
  • Scratch-built interior for the luggage and service compartments

The formerly Prussian Pwg 14 Pr freight train baggage wagon offered by Märklin is a classic with high play value that is sure to be found on every German model railway layout.

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