Grenzers (Pandurs)

Matthias Manske 1:45 Scale Figure Review

7. (Slavonian) Broder Regiment, Grenz-Infantry.

Matthias Manske offers 1:45 scale miniatures to expand the existing ranges of toy soldier moulds available from Nürnberger Meisterzinn and Prince August. The Pandurs are unique in this scale.

These soldiers of the 7. (Slavonian) Broder Regiment are mounted on a 50 × 50 mm infantry stand compatible with the Volley & Bayonet game system, representing a battalion auf imperial Grenz-Infanterie in wargames.

Volley & Bayonet is perfect for use with 40 mm miniatures, because only two to nine men are needed to raise a battalion or regiment. Even large battles may be recreated with a manageable amount of figures. The 50 mm wide stands are just big enough to hold 1:45 scale guns and wagons which are used to represent road columns in Volley & Bayonet.

Available Miniatures

  • Nr. 1007 – Pandur Sergeant with Spontoon
  • Nr. 2013 – Pandur Drummer
  • Nr. 3011 – Grenzer (Pandur) with Pack


Excellent choice of subject, the Pandurs are unique in this scale.

Good casting quality. The review samples were supplied free of flash or mould lines.

The figures are sold in clear plastic boxes with painting instructions inside.

The Pandur and his sergeant differ only in their personal weapons, facial features and hair style. Matthias Manske produces figures with separate heads which can be converted easily.

The sergeant’s spontoon is a historically accurate reproduction, which has none of the toy-like qualities of the halberds offered by Nürnberger Meisterzinn and Prince August.

Spontoon or rifle fit into the Pandur’s left hand perfectly, and may be secured there with superglue.

The figures are more slender and much better proportioned than their comrades from Nürnberger Meisterzinn or Prince August.

Matthias Manske’s Pandurs are nicely compatible with semi-round 40 mm figures from other manufacturers, despite the fact that they are fully round.

Historical Employment

  • 5. and 6. (Varaždin) Grenz-Regiment
  • 7. to 9. (Slavonski) Grenz-Regiment

Possible Conversions

  • 1. to 4. (Karlovac) Grenz-Regiment (Croats), with pointed cuffs
  • 10. and 11. (Banat) Grenz-Regiment, with pointed cuffs
  • Pandurs von der Trenck
  • Green Croats of the Prussian Freikorps von Kleist
  • Russian Pandurs

Toy soldiers produced by Matthias Manske are nicely compatible with 40 mm figures cast from Nürnberger Meisterzinn and Prince August moulds. These Pandurs are a must-have for collectors and diorama builders interested in 18th Century warfare.

Austrian Grenz-Infantry of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763