13th – 15th June 1997
Espace Eiffel Branly
The most successful show to date
- International Miniatures Show with 500 Exhibitors
- Public Auction conducted by Christian BLONDIAU
- Many Events for the General Public

This year’s show features many interesting events from different areas of the miniatures hobby:

Le concours International, the international miniatures show, is the largest MOND’EXPO to date, involving 500 participants and 3000 exhibits. This part of the show covers ¼ of the total floor space of the salon. Jean-Pierre DUTHILLEUL is in charge of the event, and he is assisted by three vice-presidents responsible for figure, airplane and vehicle exhibits.

The Public Auction on Saturday 14th June at 2:00 p.m. is headed by internationally recognized miniatures expert Christian BLONDIAU and assessor Maître LAFARGE. The auction is limited to valuable and antique collector’s items

Public Events

  • Clubs and associations of miniaturists are available to discuss the hobby with collectors and non-initiates alike.
  • Historic re-enactors will be on-site to demonstrate their work.
  • A large area has been set aside for historic simulation games, inviting the audience to study military strategy and tactics.
  • Modellers and figure painters will be on hand to share professional secrets.

This year’s show will pay homage to American artist Bill Horan, one of the greatest miniaturists in the world. Bill Horan will be attending the show.

Considering the range of miniature topics covered at the show, it is not suprising that Mondial de la Figurine has changed its name to MONDIAL DE LA MINIATURE. Modellers and figure artists have much in common, they share the same philosophy, the same fascination for their creative work, and the desire to share their creations with the general public.

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