British SP 17 pdr. Tank Destroyer Archer

Milicast 1:76 Scale Vehicle Review

British SP 17 pdr. Tank Destroyer Archer, 1:76 Model Kit Milicast UK24.

The Archer SPG painted Humbrol 75 Deep Bronze Green, a color used by the British Army in 1945. The vehicle may be painted Humbrol 159 »Khaki Drab« to depict an Archer serving in Europe in late 1944.


  • 17 pdr. SPG «Archer»


Good choice of subject, the Archer was an unusual and successful tank destroyer design.

The kit has 13 parts which go together nicely, and are generally free of air bubbles.

Detail is distinct and allows a wash/drybrush weathering technique.

Some filing is necessary around the gun mount, and flash has to be removed from the wheels. This reviewer was tempted to replace the track assembly with that from a Fujimi Valentine kit, but the track pattern on the kit is actually more accurate than that of the Fujimi rubber track.

The gun was slightly bent, but heating the gun in hot water, straightening, and immediately immersing in cold water rectified the shape somewhat, but not entirely, since the gun has a piece of rigid metal wire on the inside as support.

The placement of the gun mount and driver’s seat back are not entirely clear from the illustrated instructions, so having photographs of the Archer’s interior may help.

The Archer is usually a conversion project, and there is no need for further conversion. The Archer’s closest relative, the Bishop, already exists in plastic or resin kit forms. However, the vehicle’s open fighting compartment presents an opportunity for some detail scratchbuilding. The reviewer mounted British tank crew figures from MMS, tarps and camouflage netting might be added as well. Decals came from the spares box and from Hinchliffe.

Patrick Storto

SP 17 pdr. Tank Destroyer Archer