Czech Infantry, Armour, and Artillery Miniatures of World War Two, 1938–1945

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Czech Army, World War Two 1938–1945.

The Czechoslovak Army of World War Two was equipped with well designed and very reliable tanks, guns, and trucks. Following the German occupation of the Sudetenland in 1938, and the invasion of the remaining parts of Czechoslovakia in 1939, captured and confiscated Czech military equipment was taken into the German army. The Czech LT-38 light tank shown here, was designated Panzer 38(t) in the German Wehrmacht.

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  • Slovak Infantry (M.1934 helmet), 20 mm AXAL Miniatures SLOVRIF
  • Slovak Infantry with ZH29 Auto Rifle, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures SLOVAUT
  • Slovak ZB26 LMG-Team, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures SLOVLMG
  • Slovak MMG Crew, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures SLOVMMG
  • Slovak Gun/Mortar Crew, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures SLOVGUN


  • Praga 2 t Truck, 20 mm Raventhorpe

Armoured Cars

  • Skoda OA vz.27 Armoured Car
  • Skoda OA vz.30 Armoured Car


  • Skoda LT vz.35 Light Tank, 1:72 ESCI
  • CKD AH-IV Light Tank (4.2 ton)
  • CKD/Praga LT vz.38 (10.5 ton, TNHP Light Tank), 1:76 Fujimi 76004
  • Skoda S-11.a Light Tank (10.5 ton)

Guns and Howitzers

  • 75 mm Skoda Mountain Gun, 20 mm Raventhorpe
  • 100 mm Skoda Gun, 20 mm Raventhorpe
  • 152 mm Skoda Gun, 20 mm Raventhorpe


  • Avia B.534, 1:72 KP
  • Avia B.35, 1:72 KP
  • Avia F.IX (licensed Fokker F.IX trimotor bomber)
  • Heinkel He 111H-3 (bomber, Slovak forces)
  • Junkers Ju 87 Stuka (divebomber, Slovak forces)
  • Letov S.328, 1:72 KP

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