Mongolian Yurt of Genghis Khan

Palacial yurt and wagon of Genghis Khan.

Replica of the palacial tent and wagon used by Dschingis Khan in times of peace. The wagon would have to be drawn by at least 22 oxen, and it would be accompanied by a large host of Mongol troops. This wagon was shown as part of the Mongolian Exhibits at EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany. The interior of the wagon was fully recreated, including a throne and displays of Mongolian arms and armour. Wargamers using DBA rules to simulate this period of military history may want to include a palacial wagon in their Mongolian camp diorama. There are no commercially produced models of the wagon, but wargamers may scratchbuild one without great difficulty.

Available Scale Model Kits

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Throne inside the tent.

Throne inside the tent

One wheel of the palacial wagon.

One wheel of the palacial wagon

Military Miniatures Magazine will publish photos of palacial wagons submitted by our readers. Please send a .jpg-photo of your work.

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