Musket Range

Musket Range.

Musket range, in the art of fortification, is reckoned as 60 [Prussian] rods or 300 paces, and therefore this range is taken for the length of the lines of defence.

Musket Range in Wargames

The British muzzle-loading smoothbore flintlock Long Land Pattern Musket “Brown Bess” had a maximum firing range of 1200 yards (1,097 m) at 60° elevation, the Prussian Infanteriegewehr M.1801 reached 975 m at 40° elevation. However, these maximum firing ranges differ significantly from the effective firing range of a smoothbore musket, i. e. from the firing range that actually has any effect in combat and at which there is a relevant hit probability. The musket range of 60 Prussian rods (226 m) or 300 paces (225 m) applied in the art of fortification, and the known effective firing ranges of historical smoothbore muskets (300 yards / 274 m), therefore serve as benchmarks in the evaluation of popular 18th and 19th century wargame rules.

Weapon / Wargame Musket Range
Frederick the Great 366 m
Might & Reason 366 m
Le Grande Armée 313 m
„Brown Bess“, Long Land Patter Musket 274 m
Fusil Charleville Modèle 1777 274 m
Nothardt-Gewehr Modell 1801  
Infanteriegewehr Modell 1809  
Empire III 274 m
Warfare in the Age of Reason 274 m
The Age of Eagles 219 m
Shako 198 m
Song of Drums and Shakos 194 m
Complete Brigadier 183 m
Loose Files and American Scramble 183 m
Napoleon’s Campaigns in Miniature 183 m
Volley & Bayonet 183 m
The War Game 165 m
Flintlock and Ramrod 150 m
Fire & Stone 146 m
Honours of War 122 m
With Macduff to the Frontier 109 m
Charge! 91 m
Charge! – Seven Years’ War Rules 61 m

Quelle: Rumpf, H. F.: Allgemeine Real-Encyclopädie der gesammten Kriegskunst (Berl. 1827)

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