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  • 09.01.2012 Original framed Cover Page placed in archive
  • 24.06.2002 – Non-Framed Edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online
  • 30.10.1997 Reader Survey #1 updated
  • 10.10.1997 Framed Edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online.
  • 15.09.1997 Reader Wishlist 1998 updated and submitted to manufacturers.
  • 01.08.1997 Panzergranate rules by Andy Reid available for testing.
  • 24.06.1997 Testimonial – unsolicited comments about Military Miniatures Magazine
  • 14.07.1997 Spanish edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online.
  • 14.06.1997 Italian edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online.
Timpo Union troops defending a barricade built from cotton bales, sand bags, barrels, ammunition boxes, and bales of hay.

12.05.1997 Supplying War: WarHorse of South Weymouth, Massachusetts, offers a range of 54 mm toy soldier accessories a l’échelle 1:32. The miniaturized supplies are made from cotton, stained wood, hay, and canvas coloured paper. The aerial perspective of these natural materials is very pleasing. The cover photo shows Timpo Union troops defending a barricade built from cotton bales, sand bags, barrels, ammunition boxes, and bales of hay. A roll of barbed wire can be seen in the foreground, and two wegde tents have been set up inside the supply dump.

  • 14.02.1997 French edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online.
  • 04.02.1997 Reader Wishlist 1998 submitted to Revell, Hasegawa, ESCI, Airfix, Heller, Trident, and many other companies at Nürnberg International Toy Fair.
  • 22.01.1997 Reader Survey #1
  • 15.01.1997 Voting on the Reader Wishlist 1998 enters its final round.
  • 27.12.1996 New Releases 1997 (magazine section added).
  • 17.12.1996 Infantry Anti-Tank Weapons Data, by Andy Reid
  • 18.11.1996 Anti-Tank Gunnery Charts, by Andy Reid
  • 16.10.1996 Weathering Small Scale AFV, by Jim Gordon
  • 29.10.1996 Article on Resin Casting, by Bill Rittner
  • 29.10.1996 Calendar of Events released.
  • 26.09.1996 Reader Statistics: More than 43,000 circulation since May 1996.
  • 24. – 25.09.1996 More than 4,000 electronic requests within 24 hours.
  • 09.09.1996 Free Trial Subscription Offer begins.
  • 21.08.1996 Original Photos from the Battle of Waterloo?!

Some of the pictures featured in the August issue of the magazine were taken at the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1995, commemorating the 180th anniversary of the historic event. It is simply amazing that the battle is still going on, that 10,000 men and women meet on historic ground every five years to re-enact the struggle. Unlike historical simulation, in this particular event the British and Prussian armies are guaranteed to win, and the French players comply willingly.

Firefight at the Reenactment of the Battle of Waterloo, 1995.

The cover photo shows a firefight between opposing battle lines, British and Dutch-Belgians on the right, French artillery is just visible on the left. The smoke from artillery and musket fire would quickly cover the battlefield and cut long-range visibility. Shortly after this picture was taken, the 42nd Highlanders assaulted and captured the guns in the foreground. (Waterloo photos © by Klaus Schäfer, Hessen-Darmstadt Artillerie)

  • 07/1996 Readership of Military Miniatures Magazine tops 15,000
  • 14.05.1996 German edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online.
  • 14.05.1996 English edition of Military Miniatures Magazine goes online.
  • 14.05.1996 A Short History of the World in Plastic

Britains released the first sets of plastic figures in the late 50’s. The French and German firms Starlux and Elastolin followed suit with beautifully painted miniatures made from hard plastic. Then Airfix launched a growing range of HO/OO scale soft plastic figures in boxes containing many different poses, and covering most historic periods from the Ancient Romans to the Apollo Astronauts and their lunar exploration vehicles. Only a small range of Airfix figure sets is currently available, many of the older ones have become collectors’ items.

In the meantime, Atlantic, Matchbox, ESCI, IMEX und Revell have released 1:72 and 1:76 scale soft plastic figures from a variety of historic periods. In 1995 and 1996, Revell surprised collectors with a whole range of interesting and unusual figures, including Siberian Rifles, Cossacks, German Artillerie, Pioniers, and WW2 Panzergrenadiers, as well as Prussian Infantry and British Rifles from the Napoleonic era. At this time, the only period fully covered is the American Civil War, with Union and Confederate infantry, mounted and dismounted cavalry and artillery from IMEX. These troops mix well with ACW figures produced by Revell, ESCI and Airfix.

For variety of figures and poses, painters and collectors rely on conversion of existing types. Revell and Italeri figures are nicely posed and they lend themselves well to conversion. In addition, both companies have released exceptionally beautiful and very realistic looking horses in 1:72 scale.

  • 06/1995 marks the 180th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Pictures of the historical reenactment on 18th June 1995 are featured in this magazine.

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