Dragon Missile Jump Pack (DMJP)

US Paratrooper with Dragon Missile Jump Pack (DMJP), 1:72 ESCI P-239.

The Dragon Missile Jump Pack (DMJP) is a pack rigged for lowering during a parachute drop. Designed to carry one Dragon M47 anti-tank guided missile system as well as the anti-tank gunner‘s M16 or M-203 assault rifle, the DMJP consists of a ¼-inch felt-lined nylon duck pack body which wraps around the tube of the M47 launcher, three nylon securing straps, the lowering line, and a quick-release assembly which allows the parachutist to jettison the DMJP in an emergency. The padded tracker assembly of the M47 Dragon is carried in the gunners‘ large ALICE pack during the parachute jump.

The ESCI US infantryman pictured above right appears to be based on a “Dragon A/T Gunner, 2/505th Infantry (Airborne), 82nd Airborne Division” illustrated by Paul Hannon in Osprey Men-at-Arms 159 “Grenada 1983”.

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