German Panzergrenadiers, Mechanized and Motorized, of World War Two, 1939–1945

German Panzergrenadiers Mechanized of World War Two, 1939–1945.

German Panzergrenadiers are the infantry element of the armoured division and mechanized infantry division. In 1940, the typical Panzerdivision had a tank brigade of two regiments, and a rifle brigade of one infantry regiment and a motorcycle battalion, as well as the usual artillery, recon, engineers, signals and other divisional assets. The infantry regiment consisted of one mechanized infantry battalion mounted in half-tracks and two motorized infantry battalions transported in light trucks like the Kfz. 70 Mannschaftskraftwagen. In the Panzergrenadierdivision the ratio of infantry to armour is reversed: two infantry regiments serve alongside one tank regiment.


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Historical Employment

  • Europe, 1939–1945
  • North Africa, 1942–1943

Possible Conversions

  • Gebirgsjäger figures, German mountain troops, may be used
    to increase the variety of poses in a Panzergrenadier platoon.

Related Films

  • Private Ryan, an award-winning war film directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damen, and Tom Sizemore. There is a Panzergrenadier recon section in the scene where the Rangers meet men of the 82nd Airborne in a field somewhere in Normandy. Paratrooper Private Ryan stops the enemy half-track with a bazooka round. Later in the film, two German half-tracks can be seen transporting Panzergrenadiers into combat near the bridge.

Panzergrenadiers were not the most common infantry troop type in the Germany army, they formed the elite infantry spearhead of the armoured and mechanized divisions. Motorization was expensive, and the majority of Panzergrenadiers rode trucks or tanks to the front.

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