Brittling and Rear Axle Breakage of a Timpo Buggey

Plastic Corrosion due to Oxygen and UV Radition

Brittling and Rear Axle Breakage of a Timpo Buggey.

This Timpo Buggey broke an axle when it accidentally dropped from an only 45 cm high sofa seat. The brittle rear axle made of PC/ABS thermoplastic no longer reacted elastic, it simply snapped off. The broken end of the rear axle can be seen stuck in the wheel hub pictured above, its material shows the lighter, possible original, plastic colour at the core, with a noticeably darker discolouration surrounding it. The axle break may be repaired, at least temporarily, by boring open the broken pieces and inserting brass or pianowire pegs into them. Plastic corrosion will continue, however, and further axle breaks are to be expected.

Plastic Corrosion of Collectible Miniatures