British Napoleonic Standard Pontoon

Playmobil 7675 English Redcoats manoeuvering a British Standard Pontoon.

Playmobil English Redcoats manoeuvering a British Standard Pontoon. The 1:22.5 scale model was scratch-built from 3 mm plywood of an orange crate, and painted medium blue-grey with artists‘ acrylics. British Standard Pontoons were similar in size and shape to the pontoons of other nations engaged in the Napoleonic Wars. The open-topped bateau-type tin pontoons were prone to flooding in heavy water. To solve this problem, Colonel James Colleton developed closed cylindrical pontoons in 1814, which were improved by Captain Charles Pasley of the Royal Engineers in 1817.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • British Pontoon Wagon 1700–1790, 25 mm Hinchliffe SG7
  • Pontoon Train & Bridge, 1:300 Heroics & Ros MBN-23

Technical Specifications

  • British Standard Pontoon
  • Type: Bateau
  • Length: 6556 mm
  • Width: 1448 mm
  • Height: 686 mm

Modellers and wargamers may scratch-build British Standard Pontoons of the Napoleonic Wars from wood or polystyrene sheets, called plastic card.

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