Vanadium Yellow deep

PRIMAcryl 13.210

Vanadium Yellow deep, PRIMAcryl 13.210.

The single pigment colour PRIMAcryl 13.210 »Vanadium Yellow deep« (Pigment Yellow 184) compared to Citadel Color 83335 »Golden Yellow« and the shaded colour Tamiya XF-3 »Flat Yellow«.

The opaque artists‘ acrylic paint was brushed onto the colour chit in the center, and airbrushed onto the wedding tower sculpture behind.

Green mixed from PRIMAcryl 13.431 Indigo and 13.210 Vanadium Yellow deep.

We mix beautiful shades of green from PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo« and 13.210 »Vanadium yellow deep«, including the elusive »Siskin Green« of the Seven Years’ War Prussian Jäger uniform.