Prussian Frei-Battalions and Regiments of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763

Prussian volunteer light infantry Frei-Bataillon Le Noble.

The volunteer light infantry Frei-Bataillon Le Noble (F1) was recruited at the imperial city of Frankfurt on Main and raised in June of 1756 at Naumburg on Queis in Silesia. The battalion consisted of four companies and one Jäger detachment. Later in the war a specially equipped raiding party was added under the command of drum-major Dreyer. The battalion was captured at Landeshut 23 June 1760. In January of 1761 a new II. battalion was raised at Wittenberg. These 40 mm miniatures have been cast from Prince August moulds. The figures are painted with artist oils, and they are based on an upscaled 50 × 50 mm infantry skirmish stand compatible with the Volley & Bayonet game system. The unit represents a light infantry battalion in skirmish order.

The following table list the Prussian volunteer light infantry battalions and regiments of the Seven Years’ War from 1756 to 1763.

Nr. Proprietor Service Jägers Hussars Battles
F1 F. de Le Noble 1756–1763 yes Leuthen, Hochkirch, Landeshut, Freiberg
F2 Johann von Mayr 1756–1759 yes yes Roßbach, Leuthen
F2 J. F. de Collignon 1759–1760 yes yes
F2 G. A. de Courbière 1760–1763 yes yes Freiberg
F3 H. D. von Kalben 1756–1758 yes Breslau, Leuthen, Hochkirch
F3 C. N. de Salenmon 1758–1763 yes Pretzsch, Maxen, Strehla, Torgau (1758), Burkersdorf
F4 L. de Angelelli 1756–1760 Breslau, Leuthen, Hochkirch
F4 J. F. de Collignon 1760–1763 Landeshut
F5 de Chossignon 1757–1758
F5 F. O. de Monjou 1758–1759
F6 D. S. von Rapin 1758–1759
F6 W. A. von Lüderitz 1759–1763 Landeshut, Freiberg
F7 Johann Jakob von Wunsch 1758–1763 yes Zinna, Korbitz, Burkersdorf
F8 J. A. Kenzinger du Verger 1758–1759 Hochkirch
F8 Charles Théophile Guichard aka. von Quintus Icilius 1759–1763 yes Strehla
F9 J. L. Graf von Hordt 1758–1763 ?
F10 de Jeney 1760–1763 yes Freiberg
F1 and F6 were nominally increased to Frei-Regiments when they received a II. Bataillon each in January of 1761. The I. Bataillon of each unit, captured at Landeshut, was not raised again.
F2 was increased to Frei-Regiment in January of 1761.
F3 was nominally increased to a Frei-Regiment in January of 1760. The I. Bataillon, captured at Maxen, was not raised again.
F4 was increased to a Frei-Regiment in Januar of 1761. The I. Bataillon, captured at Landeshut, was raised again.
F8 was increased to a Frei-Regiment with three battalions in January of 1761.
F9 was raised as a Frei-Regiment with two battalions in 1758.


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