Prussian Freikorps von Krockow, 1807

Prussian Freikorps von Krockow, 1807.

Freikorps von Krockow, created by “Allerhöchste Kabinettsorder” of 27 December 1806, was raised in January 1807. It consisted of a Jäger battalion of 5 companies, 1 squadron of mounted Jäger and 2 three-pounder guns. The unit, commanded by Major von Krockow, formed part of the defenders of Danzig (Gdańsk). As a result of the surrender of the fortress, the corps and the garrison embarked from Neufahrwasser and Weichselmünde to Pillau, and was disbanded after the Franco-Prussian Treaty of Tilsit of 9 July 1807. The rank and file were absorbed by the Guard (later 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß), in part, and by the Pomeranian Infantry Regiment, which was disbanded as the 2. Brandenburgisches Infanterie-Regiment in 1808 and incorporated into 1. Schlesisches Regiment (later Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm II. [1. Schlesisches] Nr. 10).

The rank and file wore the iron Birnenhelm (cabasset) of the former Danzig Bürgermilitär citizen militia, the officers had leather helmets. The front of the helmet cloche displayed a painted skull over crossed bones on a black background, the rest of the cloche was painted yellow-brown with dark brown spots, apparently in a attempt to mimic the French dragoon helmet. The 1st rank of the Fußjägers carried muskets with bayonet (desginated Bajonettjäger in the above illustration), the 2nd rifles (Büchsenjäger). The black facings of the officers’ Leibrock (coatee) were made of velvet.


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