Prussian Landwehr, 1813–1815

Prussian Landwehr, 1813–1815, 1:76 Miniatures Airfix 01756.

When the Landwehr was established in 1813, East Prussia led by example. The other provinces soon followed. Silesia made the greatest sacrifice, fielding 17 Landwehr Infantry Regiments. Of the other provinces, East Prussian and [Prussian] Lithuania provided 5, West Prussia 2, Pomerania 3, Neumark 3 and Kurmark 7 (the Landwehr cavalry is dealt with on plate 19). Clothing, equipment and armament were very poor, as could not be expected otherwise in a country stripped to such an incredible extend. The uniform consisted of a coat with two rows of buttons (Litewka), cuffs piped in the colour of the collar, which differed in colour depending on the province, namely brick red for East Prussia, West Prussia black, Pomerania white, Brandenburg ponceau (Neumark’s regiments differed from Kurmark’s by their lighter blue coat colour), and yellow for Silesia. The battalions within a regiment were distinguished by the colour of the shoulder-straps (white, red, yellow). The cap, adorned with the Landwehr cross, had a band and piping in the provincial colour. When the Landwehr marched out, it was mostly armed with pikes, due to the shortage of firearms. Only gradually could muskets be found in sufficient numbers. Many of these were of a questionable quality. One battalion involved in the Battle of the Katzbach is reported to have fought with muskets where it had been forgotten to have touchholes drilled. At first, only the non-commissioned officers carried sabres. Tornister knapsacks and greatcoats were frequently not delivered until the winter of 1813/14. A similar situation persisted with the breeches. Often, when the young Silesian lads joined up, the uniform was completed simply by sewing a yellow collar to the customary blue peasants’ smock.

Source: Knötel Uniformkunde, II. Band, No. 18.

Landwehr Miniatures, 1813–1815

  • Prussian Landwehr Command, 1:32 HäT 9325
  • Prussian Landwehr, marching, 1:32 HäT 9323
  • Prussian Landwehr, in action, 1:32 HäT 9324
  • Prussian Infantry and Landwehr, 1:66 Italeri 6067
  • Prussian Landwehr, marching, 1:72 HäT 8309
  • Prussian Landwehr, marching, 1:72 Strelets 168
  • Prussian Landwehr, in action, 1:72 HäT 8310
  • Prussian Landwehr, at rest, 1:72 Strelets 169
  • Prussian Landwehr Casualties, 1813–1815, 1:72 Tragik 2
  • Prussian Landwehr Casualties, 1813–1815, 1:72 Lancier Bleu T 02
  • Landwehr Officer, marching, 1813–1815, 20 mm Hinton Hunt PN20
  • Landwehr Standard Bearer, advancing, 1813–1815, 20 mm Hinton Hunt PN23
  • Prussian Landwehr, firing, 1813–1815, 20 mm Hinton Hunt PN19
  • Prussian Landwehr, advancing, 20 mm Newline Design 24P03
  • Prussian Landwehr, marching, 20 mm Newline Design 24P04
  • Prussian Landwehr, 1:76 Airfix 01756; HäT Industrie 7006
  • Prussian Landwehr Command, 15 mm Minifigs 21NP
  • Prussian Landwehr, advancing, 15 mm Minifigs 15NP
  • Prussian Landwehr, standing, firing, 15 mm Minifigs 16NP
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  • Prussian Landwehr, attacking, 1:300 Heroics & Ros MPN20
  • Prussian Landwehr, skirmishing, 1:300 Heroics & Ros MPN21

Post-Napoleonic Landwehr


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