Gurkha Rifles, 1877–1893

Ral Partha 1:64 Scale Figure Review

5th Gurkha (Rifle) Regiment, 25 mm Miniatures Ral Partha 88-110.

A Lieutenant, Havaldar, Naik, Lance-Naik, and Rifleman of the 5th Gurkha (Rifle) Regiment of the Punjab Frontier Force in 1879, wearing full-dress and campaign dress uniforms. The Riflemen included in this figure set may be painted to represent non-commissioned officers and men. The officer figure is from Ral Partha’s Indian Infantry Command Group. The scans below show a Company Havaldar Major (CHM) in full-dress, distinguished by four rank chevrons on his right sleeve. Using The Sword and the Flame (TSATF) wargame rules, a Gurkha Rifle Company consists of a Captain, Company Havaldar Major, and two Gurkha Rifle Platoons of 20 men each, led by a Lieutenant and Havaldar.


  • 10 Figures in 2 Poses – 26 mm equal 166 cm Height
    • Gurkha Rifleman with drawn Kukri (Khukuri, Khukri) Knife
    • Gurkha Rifleman advancing (9)
Gurkha Rifles, 1877–1893
Gurkha Rifles, 1877–1893


Excellent choice of subject, these Gurkha Riflemen are suitable for many campaigns on the Northwest Frontier, in Afghanistan, Burma, Egypt, and the Sudan.

The advancing poses are perfect for infantry patrolling, advancing into combat, moving to alternate firing positions, and engaging enemy troops in melee.

The Gurkha with drawn Khukri makes an excellent NCO or hero figure. Purists may want to sharpen the blade of the Khukri knife to make it look even more realistic.

Good casting quality, practically no flash. Ral Parta colonial figures are a joy to paint and collect.

Compatible with other 25 mm 1:64 scale figures. Considering that Gurkhas are noticeably shorter than their British comrades, these miniatures may be used alongside the taller 28 to 32 mm 1:60 scale figures available today.

The Gurkha’s rifles are 25 percent too short, they measures only 1120 mm in 1:64 scale, compared to the actual 1407 mm length of the Snider-Enfield rifle.

Historical Employment

  • Gurkha Rifles, 1877–1893
    • Second Anglo-Afghan War, 1878–1880
    • Northwest Frontier, 1877–1893
    • The First Sudan War, 1882–1884
    • Third Burmese War, 1885–1887
    • Black Mountain Expedition, 1888
    • Black Mountain Expedition, 1891

Ral Partha’s Gurkha Rifles are a must-have for wargamers and collectors interested in the late 19th century colonial campaigns of the British army. The riflemen in this figure set may be painted full-dress, campaign dress, or khaki uniforms.

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