Reichsarmee Bavarian Circle

Imperial Army of the Seven Years’ War, 1757–1763

Bavarian artillery with battalion gun.

The main body of the Bavarian army, ten infantry battalions, 34 battalion guns, and one artillery detachment of six guns and two howitzers, served in the Auxiliar-Korps of the imperial Austrian army. In addition, Bavaria provided two county regiments for service in the imperial Reichsarmee attached to the French army. The picture shows Bavarian artillerymen serving a battalion gun attached to an infantry regiment. The home-cast 40 mm miniatures are based for the Volley & Bayonet game system, they represent an artillery battalion of twelve guns. In the background can be seen the church of pilgrimage Maria Brünnlein zum Trost located between Wemding and Amerbach.

Bayerischer Kreis

Guns and wagons of the Bavarian army were painted blue-grey. However, the 2. Bayerische Kreis-Regiment received new battalion guns with red carriages in 1760.

Seven Years’ War Miniatures