Revell Aqua Color 361.16

Sand, Yellow Ochre RAL 1024, Revell 361.16.

Revell Aqua Color 361.16 »Sand, matt«, Yellow Ochre RAL 1024, in the foreground and »Dark Yellow RAL 7028« on an Admiral Toys 1:72 scale Panzer III Ausf. J/L. Revell’s sand-colour is a good match for a tinted Dark Yellow RAL 7028.

Paint Archeology for Rivet Counters

Revell Color 32116 Sand.

Paints need not be or remain compatible, even if they are produced under the same name and number, and by the same manufacturer. In this example, Revell Aqua Color 361.16 »Sand, matt« is a relatively close match for the much older Revell Enamel Color 16 »Sand, matt«, but our ca. 1970’s sample of Revell Enamel Color 16 »Sand, matt« is an entirely different hue. Who can you trust in a world where »Sand« isn’t »Sand« anymore!?

Dark Yellow RAL 7028