Brick Red

Revell Aqua Color 361.37

Brick Red RAL 3009, Revell 361.37.

Revell 361.37 »Brick Red«, the equivalent of »Oxide Red RAL 3009«, compared to Pactra A21 »Hull Red« and Vallejo Model Air 71.080 »Rust«.

Revell 361.37 »Brick Red« needs to be tinted with ochre to better match the lighter »Oxide Red RAL 3009«, and to account for aerial perspective.

Due to its noticeable bluish cast, Revell 361.37 »Brick Red« is not a good base colour for roof tiles and historic bricks; Revell 361.85 »(Orange) Brown« RAL 8023 is the better choice here.

Oxide Red RAL 3009