Revell Aqua Color 361.85

Brown RAL 8023, Revell 361.85.

Revell 361.85 »Brown«, actually RAL 8023 »Orange Brown«, compared to Humbrol Authentic Colour MC11 »Orange Facings« and our mixture of two parts PRIMAcryl 13.210 »Vanadium Yellow deep« and one part PRIMAcryl 13.323 »Ruby«.

Revell 361.85 »Brown« works very well as an orange-red base colour for roof tiles and bricks.

The printed label on the lid of the container in our inventory, marked lot V 7684.27.19 5119, corresponds more closely to RAL 2001 »Red Orange« or RAL 8004 »Copper Brown«. The paint in the container itself is significantly lighter than RAL 8023 »Orange Brown«. In this particular case, Humbrol MC11 is actually closer to the original orange brown, and Revell 361.85 is the better orange facing colour.