Fern Green RAL 6025

Revell Aqua Color 36.360

Fern Green RAL 6025, Revell 36.360.

Revell 36.360 »Fern Green RAL 6025« compared to Humbrol 80 »Grass Green« and our own mixture of equal parts PRIMAcryl 13.435 »Cobalt Blue light« und 13.210 »Vanadium Yellow deep«.

In his book “British Army Colours & Disruptive Camouflage in the United Kingdom, France & NW Europe 1936–45” Mike Starmer recommends a mixture of 1 × Revell 360 »Fern Green« with 1 × Revell 361 »Olive Green« and 1 × Revell 84 »Leather Brown« as a match for »Khaki Green dyed canvas« of British Army soft vehicles.

According to Stamer, the same colours, but at a mixing ratio of 12 × Revell 361 »Olive Green«, 5 × Revell 360 »Fern Green«, and 7 × Revell 84 »Leather Brown«, are used to create the base colour »Khaki Green № 3«, introduced in 1939 for British vehicles (except staff sedans), tanks, guns, and support weapons.

»Fern Green RAL 6025« is a traditional paint colour for bale wrappers, rakes, disc mowers and conditioners produced by agricultural machinery manufacturer ELHO, as well as for tractors, harvesters and forage equipment of the Fendt company.