German Bundeswehr Infantry, 1959–1999

ROCO 1:87 Figure Review

Bundeswehr Jäger light infantry, or Panzergrenadiers (motorized) dismounting from their Unimog trucks, 1:87 H0 Miniatures ROCO 272.

Bundeswehr Panzergrenadier motorized or mechanized infantry, or Jäger light infantry mounted on fireteam-sized bases for Crossfire Rules. These troops have recently been issued new olive green Kampfanzug uniforms with matching trousers and field jackets. This rarely happened. Bundeswehr "Nato Jeans" faded relatively quickly to a stone grey colour due to regular machine washing on weekend leave. The Kampfjacke field jacket typically had a moderately faded look, depending on the individual draftee’s time in service. Field jackets were only worn during guard duty and on field manœuvres, and they were washed less often than the trousers. Trousers could be a light stone grey colour if washed frequently, or they were a brand new olive green colour if recently re-issued. To simulate the fading and replacement process, Bundeswehr figures should have their trousers painted in a much lighter stone grey or a slightly darker olive green than the field jacket. Field jackets and trousers rarely matched, unless the owner is a recent draftee, or an officer or senior non-commissioned officer with more than two sets of issue field trousers in his locker.


  • 20 multipose miniatures – 20 mm equal 174 cm Height
    • Officer
    • NCO
    • Machine gunner
    • Assistant machine gunner
    • Radio operator
    • Linesman
    • Rifleman
  • MP2 submachine gun (Uzi)
  • G3 assault rifle, issued 1959
  • MG3 light machine gun
  • M.60 LMG (US)
  • Bazooka rocket launcher (US)
  • Bazooka missile carrier
  • Walkie-Talkie manpack radio
  • Handie-Talkie handheld radio
  • Backpack with telephone cable
  • Line maintenance equipment
  • Clear plastic bases


Excellent choice of subject, these multipose figures can be used to represent Bundeswehr infantry, engineers, and signallers.

Excellent poses of infantry advancing in a combat zone. On the march, the rolled sleeping bag would be strapped to the top of the pack.

Bundeswehr infantry equipment is worn in the proper fashion, with the canteen attached to the left side of the pack, and the gasmask bag on the left hip, although the entrenching tool was more commonly carried inside the pack to improve noise camouflage.

The G3 assault rifle may be painted to represent the G3A2 with wooden stock and grip, or the G3A3 with olive green plastic stock and grip, often seen concurrently within the same unit.

The figures are sold with separate arms which may be used to create an amazing variety of poses. Ammunition boxes and some personal weapons are cast directly onto the separate arms, making it easier to handle them. Some arms have open hands and there are enough spare weapons and equipment items available to fill them.

These Bundeswehr troops are stockier than other 1:87 scale figures, and they may be mixed with 1:76 scale figures available from Airfix.

Compatible with Airfix, and Preiser.

ROCO incorrectly advertises these figures as US, Bundeswehr, and Nato troops, but their personal gear is standard Bundeswehr equipment not issued to other Nato allies. The figures are best used to represent Jäger light infantry and territorial reserve infantry. Panzergrenadiers normally leave their packs and sleepingbags in the Marder fighting vehicle, although there may be times when they carry the packs with them. These soldiers may not be used to represent Bundeswehr Gebirgsjäger mountain troops who wore ¾ length trousers and mountain boots, and they need to be armed differently to represent Fallschirmjäger paratroops and airmobile infantry.

Noticeable ejector pin marks on the pack and on the jacket cuff should be filled prior to painting.

The strap of the gasmask bag has not been recreated in miniature; it is worn over the right shoulder and diagonally across the body.

In the field, the steel helmet would be covered with netting to accept foliage, or crumpled paper in urban combat scenarios. The mistake may be corrected by glueing a small piece of gauze bandage over the helmet and adding flock on top of it.

The shirtcollar is worn above the collar of the field jacket, partially covering it. This has not been modelled correctly. The shirtcollar is of a much darker olive green colour than the collar of the field jacket.

The officer wears his P1 pistol holster incorrectly on the left hip.

The Bazooka rocket launcher may be shortened to represent the Panzerabwehrbüchse 84 mm (schwere Panzerfaust).

Crisp mould lines need to be scraped off prior to painting.

Wargamers may find these figures much too fragile to handle individually, but they will be fine if mounted on fireteam-sized bases.

Historic Employment

  • Bundeswehr Infantry 1959–1999

Possible Conversions

  • Bundeswehr Jäger light infantry with beret
    The figures are fitted with new heads wearing the green Jäger beret.
  • Bundeswehr Fallschirmjäger airborne infantry
    The figures with open hands are fitted with G3A4 assault rifles with
    folding stock and shortened barrel issued to airborne troops.
  • Milan-Trupp anti-tank guided missile team
    Convert two advancing figures to a prone position and arm them with a Milan launcher scrounged from Revell’s Panzergrenadiers. Give the Truppführer, team leader, an extra Milan launch tube cut off one of the Revell Panzergrenadiers.

These ROCO Bundeswehr soldiers are correctly equipped and properly posed to represent infantry patrolling in a combat area. The figures match the growing range of ROCO vehicles.

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