German Tank Maintenance Platoon, 1942

German Panzer Mechanics.

The German Wehrmacht Panzerkompanie had a Panzerwerkstattzug maintenance and repair platoon of 19 men, commanded by a Feldwebel senior NCO. In the course of the Russian campaign, the platoon’s motor pool was increased to six vehicles, including two 1-ton half-tracks. The maintenance platoon kept the company’s vehicles operational and undertook any repairs or vehicle recovery jobs it could handle on its own. If tanks needed to be recovered from the battlefield, the Panzerwerkstattzug would evaluate the situation and call on the regimental maintenance and recovery company to get the job done.


  • Feldwebel, Zugführer
  • Zugtrupp
  • Werkstatt-Trupp
    • Unteroffizier, Truppführer
    • Schlosser (3)
    • Panzerwart
    • Funkwart
    • Elektriker
    • Kraftfahrer
    • Werkstattkraftwagen, Kfz. 79
    • l.Zugkraftwagen 1 t, Sd.Kfz. 10
  • Werkstatt-Trupp (same as above)

Wargamers and diorama builders may model the Panzerwerkstattzug maintenance platoon of the Panzerkompanie using Opel-Blitz trucks and 1-ton prime movers. Panzerwart AFV mechanics are available from C-P Models.

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