US 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) of World War Two, 1942–1944

Table of Organisation & Equipment

  • HQ US 1st Infantry Division
  • Military Police Company (Platoon in 1944)
  • 1st Quartermaster Battalion (Company in 1944)
  • 1st Medical Battalion
  • 1st Signal Company
  • 1st Reconnaissance Company (Troop in 1944)
  • 1st Engineer Battalion
  • 16th Infantry Regiment (3 Battalions per Regiment)
  • 18th Infantry Regiment
  • 26th Infantry Regiment (detached to 29th Division during the Normandy landings)
  • 5th Field Artillery Battalion (155 mm)
  • 7th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm)
  • 32nd Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm)
  • 33rd Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm)
  • 116th Infantry Regiment (attached from 29th Division during the Normandy Invasion)
  • 111th Field Artillery Battalion (attached from 29th Division during the Invasion)
  • 745th Tank Battalion (attached during the Normandy Invasion)

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