German Standard Brigade, 1993

German Lynx amphibious armoured reconnaissance tank.

The collapse of the Eastern Block, German reunification, and Nato force reductions in Western Europe led to significant changes in the structure of the German army. The reduced peace-time strength of the Bundeswehr was established at 370.000, and Heerestruktur 5 called for a reorganization of ground forces, to be completed by 1994. Accordingly, the new Einheitsbrigade was created in 1993, with the exception of Luftlandebrigades (Airborne), Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23 (Mountain), and deutsch-französische Brigade (combined French/German).

Bundeswehr Standard Brigade following Heeresstruktur 5 in 1993

  • Stab und Stabskompanie (Brigade HQ and HQ Company)
  • Panzeraufklärungskompanie (Armoured Reconaissance Company)
  • Panzerjägerkompanie (Tank Hunter Company)
  • Panzerpionierkompanie (Armoured Engineer Company)
  • Panzerbataillon (Tank Battalion)
  • Panzerbataillon (Tank Battalion)
  • Panzergrenadierbataillon (Mechanized Infantry Battalion)
    • 1. Stabs- und Versorgungskompanie (Staff and Logistics)
    • 2. Panzergrenadierkompanie
      • Kompanieführungsgruppe (Company HQ Section, 1 SPz Marder)
      • 1. Zug (Mechanized Infantry Platoon with 3 SPz Marder)
        • Zugführer, Truppführer, driver, gunner, five grenadiers
        • Gruppenführer, TrFhr, driver, gunner, five grenadiers
        • GrpFhr, TrFhr, driver, gunner, five grenadiers
      • 2. Zug (Mechanized Infantry Platoon with 3 SPz Marder)
      • 3. Zug (Mechanized Infantry Platoon with 3 SPz Marder)
    • 3. Panzergrenadierkompanie (same as above)
    • 4. Panzergrenadierkompanie (same as above)
    • 5. Panzergrenadierkompanie (same as above)
    • 6. Panzermörserkompanie (10 Panzermörser 120 mm on M113 Mortar Carrier)
    • 7. Feldersatzkompanie (Replacement Company)
  • Panzergrenadierbataillon (Mechanized Infantry Battalion, same as above)
  • Panzerartilleriebataillon (Self-propelled Artillery Battalion)

The new Bundeswehr TO&E Heeresstruktur 5 was first implemented in eastern Germany in 1993, where former NVA divisions were converted into six Bundeswehr brigades. These units were temporarily equipped with a modernized Soviet BMP-1, re-designated BMP-1A1 Ost, pending delivery of the new Marder 2 SPz. When the Marder 2 project was cancelled, the BMP-1A1 Ost was replaced by improved Marder 1A3. For information on earlier TO&Es of the Bundeswehr, please refer to Die Panzergrenadiere der Bundeswehr 1956–heute.

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