Confederate Infantry

Timpo / Toyway 1:32 Scale Figure Review

Confederate Infantry, 1:32 Miniatures Timpo / Toyway 43505.

Timpo Confederate infantry and a mounted officer in 1:32 scale. These Timpo Action Figures are recasts of old Timpo Solids miniatures, which are compatible with 54 mm Timpo Swoppets. The horse is not included in the set, it comes from Timpo’s Confederate Cavalry.


  • 8 miniatures in 5 Poses – 53 mm equal 170 cm body height in 1:32 scale
    • Officer with Sabre (2)
    • Infantryman with Revolver (1)
    • Infantryman with Musket and Revolver (2)
    • Infantryman with Musket, attacking (1)
    • Infantryman with Musket, firing (2)


These Timpo / Toyway soft plastic figures may be painted as Confederate or Union troops. All figures are wearing the popular shell jacket. Equipment consists of a cartridge pouch, cap pouch, haversack, and canteen. The mounted officer wears the regulation officer’s sash below his revolver belt.

The infantry muskets are not detailed enough to identify them as a Springfield, Enfield M.1853, or Richmond Armory Percussion Rifle-Musket. The infantryman pictured at right is only armed with a revolver, despite the fact that he carries the cartridge and cap pouches of a musket-armed soldier. The figure is best converted to a standard-bearer to fix this problem. The soldier pictured at left may also be converted to a standard-bearer by removing the musket from his left hand, drilling the hand open and inserting a Timpo flagstaff.

The mounted officer fits any Timpo horse perfectly. The officer may be used as a cavalry trooper simply by painting the sash in the colour of the revolver belt.

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