French Napoleonic Infantry, Head of Column, 1814–1815

French Infantry, Head of Column, 1814–1815, 54 mm Toy Soldiers Tradition of London 2011.

The picture shows 54 mm white metal miniatures depicting the «tête de colonne» of a French infantry regiment. They are, from left to right: a drummer in Imperial livery, sapper, officer, 3rd Porte-Aigle (white pennon), porte-aigle, 2nd Porte-Aigle (red pennon). Four of these men sport the light blue pompom of the 2nd fusilier company on their shakos. The 2nd and 3rd porte-aigles wore grenadier uniforms with shakos, bearskin grenadier caps, or caterpillar helmets with red or white crests respectively.

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