British Napoleonic 10th Hussars, 1812–1815

British Napoleonic 10th Hussars, 1812–1815, 54 mm Miniatures Tradition of London.

Captain, Brevet Major T. W. Taylor who served with the 10th, wrote "We were ordered to advance in column right in front, and to Gallop. A Staff Officer Colonel Harvey, I think came up and said, Come Along, when I told him in passing that our right squadron was behind and begged him to rectify it. This I believe he did, or probably told Sir Hussey Vivian, for the right squadron came at great pace and took its situation at the head of the column. Before we passed the guns I remember saying to Lord R. Manners that there was no squadron officer to the right squadron. I think he ordered Lieutenant Arnold to command it. As we advanced at a gallop we saw the French Army retiring in confusion up the hill, presenting a most picturesque sight of a mixture of all arms and uniforms. Some guns were firing in the rear and there was also some musketry. At this time I conceive Lord Uxbridge was hit near the left of our regiment. One of our Officers told me he saw him fall. The Guards and other Infantry were advancing in close columns on our left and cheered. I believe the Duke of Wellington was near them observing our advance." Read more in the Tradition Magazine № 48

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