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54 mm Miniatures Description
201 British Generals of the American Revolutionary War, 1775–1783
620 French Compagnies Franches de la Marine of the Seven Years’ War
622 British 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot of the Seven Years’ War
660 French Guards of the Seven Years’ War
663 Swiss Guards of the Seven Years’ War
759 French Napoleonic Imperial Guard Chasseurs à Cheval, 1804–1815
760 British 7th (Queen’s Own) Hussars, 1803–1815
AL5433 Swedish Infantry of the Great Northern War, 1700–1721
T54 British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars
T54599 British Napoleonic 10th Hussars, 1812–1815
2011 Christmas French Napoleonic Infantry, Head of Column, 1814–1815

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Tradition of London
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Tradition of London

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