Viking Settlement

Usborne OO/HO Scale Scenery Review

Viking Settlement, 1:87 Card Model Usborne Publishing.

The Usborne model of the Viking settlement is crammed with attractive little buildings and accessories which may be used as a diorama or as individually mounted wargame buildings. Paper cut-out models are a cheap and readily available source of scenery for wargames and dioramas in 1:72 scale. Paper models are frequently based on famous buildings, they tend to be well researched and accurately recreated in miniature. Minor modifications and conversions of paper models are easy to do, wall section, doors, windows and other accessories may be swapped between buildings to create greater variety.


  • Viking Settlement
    • 24″ × 18″ Base
    • Leatherworker’s House
    • Longhouse
    • Warehouse
    • Boatbuilder’s Shed
    • Woodworker’s House
    • Warehouse
    • Warehouse
    • House and Storehouse
    • House and Storehouse
    • House, Storehouse, Latrine
    • Viking House
    • Viking House
    • Viking House
    • Viking House
    • Trader’s Tent
    • Bridge
    • Pier
    • Wagon
    • Viking Longship (waterline model)
    • Viking Longship under construction
  • 40+ cut-out Figures


Colourful scale model with superb detail. Wood, mud walls, and thatched roofs look very convincing in this scale. The roof sections might be mounted on thicker cardboard to give them the extra thickness typical of thatched roofs.

Excellent playability. The houses are laid out in a way which immediately lends itself to skirmish gaming. Buildings are not accessible, but they are spread far enough apart on the base to allow figures and equipment to be placed between them.

Easy to assemble, the entire settlement consists of 86 pieces.

Card stock is very sturdy, yet easy to cut and glue.

Good choice of subject, the Viking settlement can be a focal point for a campaign style skirmish or role-playing game using 1:72 scale Viking miniatures.

Cut-out figures supplied with the model may be used for instant skirmish gaming and role-playing. The figures are printed on both sides, they just need to be folded over and glued.

Not a dedicated wargame model, building interiors are not accessible and there are no ruins to replace a destroyed location or wall section, although the latter would be easy to construct from cardboard and balsa wood.

Historical Employment

  • 9th Century Viking Settlement

Usborne’s Viking settlement is an excellent model, full of accurate historical detail. Mounted on individual bases, these buildings make nice wargame scenery for the medieval period.

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