German City House Ruins

VAC-U-CAST 1:76 Scale Battlefield Accessory

German City House Ruins, 1:76 Model Kit VAC-U-CAST B-110.

Generic scenery suitable for Central European battlefield dioramas and simulation games. The ruin represents approximately one quarter of the original building, with most of the roof caved in. The side of the building which is left standing shows minor battlefield damage on the very corner, but the rest of the brickwork is immaculate. Using the point of a scalpel blade, the wall can be scored to look like it was hit by shrapnel.


German City House Ruins

  • Type: 2-story city building with masonry ground floor, timber framed upper story, slate or shingled roof section.
  • Base: 110 × 83 mm with round curb
  • Ruin: 87 × 60 mm
  • Height: 96 mm
  • Doorway: 28 × 12 mm
  • Note: Inside should be detailed with upper floor section and scattered rubble.


Compatible with 1:76 and 1:72 scale miniatures.

Easy to assemble, only five parts: Base with sidewalk and curb, two wall sections, roof section and molding.

Polyurethane resin can be carved, drilled and sanded very easily.

Value for money, primarily because of the time saved in assembling the model. The building is perfect for diorama purposes, but wargamers will want to add a floor section inside, to allow the placement of miniatures at the upper story window.

High quality casting, with much detail and very little flash.

Tiny air inclusions on the roof section are barely noticeable. Larger holes on the inside need to be filled or carved into a slightly irregular shape to represent shrapnel damage.

An internal floor section would have been a valuable addition.

Historical Employment

  • Central Europe, 19th and 20th Century.

Possible Conversions

  • Without the sidewalk and curb, the building may be used in earlier periods.
  • For additional variety, a window can be carved into the wall section next to the door.
  • The slate roof section can be replaced by HO/OO scale terra cotta tiles available at model railway hobby shops.

The building looks very appropriate alongside 1:72 scale miniatures, because it is not loaded with detail which might otherwise draw the viewer’s attention away from the figures and vehicles in the scene. This is not a flimsy prop, the walls are just thick enough to give a good impression of what the house must have looked like before it was hit. Some interior detailing will be required to turn the ruin into a functional wargame model which can be occupied by defending troops and vehicles.

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