Soviet GAZ-67.B Field Car 4×4

VAC-U-CAST 1:76 Scale Vehicle Review

Soviet GAZ-67.B Field Car 4×4, 1:76 Model Kit VAC-U-CAST VS-104.

Gorkiy Automobile Works (GAZ) – Also known as Zavod Imeny Molotov (ZIM) – was built with assistance from the American Ford Motor Company in 1931-32. The company produced a Russian version of the Ford Model A truck (GAZ-A) with a four-cylinder GAZ-M1 engine which was later used in GAZ-67.B Field Cars. When the war started on 22nd June, 1941, the Red Army was unprepared to meet the enemy Panzer divisions on equal terms. Strategic mobility was so low that huge numbers of Soviet troops were cut off, encircled and compelled to surrender. To support the war effort against Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union immediately received large numbers of motor vehicles under Lend-Lease from Canada, Great-Britain and the United States. More than 20,000 of the early Bantam and Willys MA Jeeps were exported. The GAZ-67.B was based on the Jeep, it was very reliable, had good off-road performance and carried a large payload.


  • GAZ-67.B
  • Type: Field Car, 4-seater, 4×4 Command Reconnaissance
  • Wheelbase: 2.10 m
  • Length: 3.35 m
  • Width: 1.69 m
  • Height: 1.70 m with top
  • Weight: 1.32 t
  • Payload: 400 kg
  • Production: 1942–1953


Scale model with much detail.

Easy to assemble, only 14 parts:

  • Chassis, body and two small parts
  • Four wheels, one Spare
  • Dashboard and steering wheel
  • Two head lights (clear plastic)
  • Windshield (clear plastic)

Assembly instructions are easy to follow. To ensure proper alignment, we recommend attaching the wheels first, then glueing the chassis to the body.

Painting instructions are included and they are very helpful. Unfortunately, no reference (RAL) number for the dark green body colour is given.

Polyurethane resin can be carved, drilled and sanded very easily.

Cheap source of an important vehicle for wargamers and collectors.

High quality kit of an attractive vehicle.

Excellent choice of subject. The GAZ-67.B is the only vehicle of this type on the market.

Compatible with Airfix, Fujimi, Matchbox, and Nitto.

A good eye is required to fit the windshield at the required 15 degree angle. The bottom edge should be planed accordingly.

Some flash around tires and inside wheel wells needs to be removed. Axles need to be shortened to fit and wheel hubs bored open to accept the axle.

Tiny air inclusions can be filled with primer.

Historical Employment

  • Soviet Army 1942–1953
  • North Korean Army 1950–1953

Possible Conversions

  • GAZ-67.B with canvas top.


GAZ Field Cars saw extensive combat service during World War 2 and the Korean War. The VAC-U-CAST model is easy to assemble and it should be very popular with collectors of Soviet vehicles. The unique body design offers a very welcome alternative to the ever present Jeep.

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