Blue RAL 5002

Vallejo Model Air 71.004

Blue RAL 5002, Vallejo Model Air 71.004.

Vallejo Model Air 71.004 »Blue RAL 5002« compared to Kreul 75.518 »Steel Blue« and PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo«, lightened with 30 % white, painted on Prussian grenadiers of Füsilier-Regiment von Braunschweig (Jung-Braunschweig).

The two shaded blue colours are better suited for painting miniatures, which is why we use Vallejo 71.004 »Blue RAL 5002« primarily for mixing other shades and tints of blue and green.

RAL 5002 »Ultramarine Blue« is the colour of vehicles and equipment of the German Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), the Federal Agency for Technical Relief.